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About PreToxx for Hangovers & Liver Support

HELPS PREVENT HANGOVER SYMPTOMS. PreToxx is specifically formulated to help prevent hangover symptoms and support healthy liver function without caffeine or pain relievers that put excess stress on your liver.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS IN VEGETARIAN CAPSULES. Packed with natural ingredients including prickly pear and milk thistle extracts to help fight nausea, dry mouth, and loss of appetite.

ELECTROLYTE BLEND REPLENISHES VITAL NUTRIENTS. Refuel electrolytes lost during alcohol consumption with a powerful blend of calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, and potassium. D

RUG-FREE FORMULA SUPPORTS THE BODY'S ABILITY TO PROCESS ALCOHOL. N-Acetyl L-Cysteine helps the body metabolize alcohol by boosting your body's supply of glutathione.

HELPS SUPPORT A HEALTHY LIVER WHEN TAKEN DAILY. PreToxx isn't just for drinkers. Take 1 PreToxx capsule daily to help support healthy liver function.

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Well, I'm a bit of a drinker. When I started drinking my "hangovers" were along the lines of "Oh, I feel weird this morning. Must've been the beer." A gatorade, some food, and an hour later and I'd be ready to go - didn't matter how much I drank the night before. These days I can drink 6-8 drinks too fast (used to be NOTHING) and wake up feeling like a wreck. 10+ drinks too fast, too little water, too little food, etc. and I am literally out of commission for the entire next day. If you're reading this review then I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

I've been looking for a decent hangover preventative for years - I took Chasers (essentially activated charcoal tablets) for over 6 months and, honestly, I don't really think they did anything. Nothing more than placebo, anyway, though the extreme amount of water I drank with them probably helped. However, after heavy nights I was right back to totally losing the next day to lying in bed feeling dead.

PreToxx, however, has definitely helped. I just ordered my second bottle, went through the first one in the past three weeks and have not had a single hangover. Not. One. I definitely wake up a little sleepier after a hard night, maybe, but there has to be SOME consequence! Anyway, I can't recommend this enough. There are other more expensive supplements that I considered but PreToxx was the most reasonably priced (and cheaper than the Chasers I took for so long) so I figured I'd work my way up in price rather than work my way down.

And I just ordered my second bottle. I can't stress enough that three weeks without a hangover, for me - with no change in lifestyle - is nothing short of a miracle. PreToxx essentially gave me 4 free days in the past three weeks, and that's worth so much more than the money I spent on them.

Do yourself the favor and try them. Drink water, of course, because you should do that when you drink anyway. And eat some fatty food before you drink. These three things are the key to having the first miracle morning when you wake up and your first thought is "Oh, no, how bad is it?" and after 10 minutes of lying in bed you realize that you're not still drunk and you're not dead - you're awake. And clear. An hour later you can't even tell that you drank the night before - you can't put a price on that feeling.

About Toniiq Premium Hangover Prevention Detox Kit

4.7 OUT OF 5 STAR REVIEWS! - You don't have to take our word for it. We have a plethora of satisfied customers, all with the same response: "It worked!" Don't waste time and money on less than quality products with fillers, preservatives, and additives when you have a proven solution just a click away!!

PARTY HARD, RECOVER HARDER! - The best hangover cure is PREVENTION. Ever gone out for "a beer" that turned into a whole lot more? Are you headed to a bachelorette party, bachelor party, wedding, or rave? We all know that hangovers happen, but with Toniiq, they don't have to! 3 easy to swallow capsules simply designed--two black pills after drinking, and one white one in the morning, and you're set to take on the day, hangover free!

RESTORE AT A CELLULAR LEVEL! - Humans need oxygen for their cells to thrive, but too much of it creates "free radicals." Those radicals are the problem. Human cells are balanced, and free radicals disrupt that balance, and can cause cells to perform poorly, or even kill them. Taking cues from the ancient Chinese, Toniiq utilizes the highly studied and often revered Lingzhi for it's phenomenally rich concentration of antioxidants to rid the body of those pesky free radicals and offer liver support.

BOOST IMMUNITY! - Toniiq's unique and potent Lingzhi consists of active compounds that bolster your body's natural defenses. Polysaccharides are the building blocks for amino acid chains and help immune function by raising the number of white blood cells in your body. While they're hard at work, Triterpenes, which help with liver function, along with antioxidants round out this trifecta of recovery for your body.

Best Review

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I've had my fair share of "hangover cures" and trust me, you DO NOT want to know the lengths I've went to in desperation trying to rid myself of wicked hangovers. Very few worked and the ones that did barely helped at all, then I found Toniiq. I was provided an evening and morning sample at a discounted price in return for my unbiased review, so I did what any good reviewer would do and pulled out the big guns to see what this stuff can do! For me, it's Southern Comfort. I cannot drink even the tiniest bit of the stuff without feeling like death in the morning and for this reason I have avoided it for years, until last night. Ohhhhh how I enjoyed it, then it hit me... What am I going to do in the morning if Toniiq doesn't work?! I panicked a little, but kept on enjoying myself until I was plenty hangover ready for morning.

Toniiq is easy to take, harder to remember, lol. There's 3 capsules in each packet. You take the 2 black ones before bed and the white one as soon as you wake up in the morning... Or late afternoon 😉 I could tell immediately after opening my eyes that I felt much better than I normally would, maybe not 100% but a good 90% anyway. I then took the white pill and proceeded with my day. Being I felt pretty well anyway I never noticed when the slight dazed feeling leftover fro the previous night fully wore off, but it was definitely within the hour. I never felt nauseous, nor did I have the wicked headache that's guaranteed when I drink SoCo.

About Drinkwel for Hangovers, Nutrient Replenishment & Liver Support

3 Vegetarian Capsules (1 Servings) Per Packet
Milk Thistle, Artichoke Leaf, Kudzu Flower and other botanicals to support liver health.*
Amino acids such as N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) to help process alcohol induced toxins.*
Superfruits such as Acerola, Schisandra, Goji, and Acai that help neutralize free radicals.*
Vitamin B-Complex to aid metabolism and maintain energy.* Vitamin C to support immune system function.*

Best Review

Verified Purchase
All i can say here is that this product has legitimately SAVED MY LIFE! Hangovers had become a VERY real and debilitating part of my 20's, but Drinkwel has saved my job and my physical and mental health on many occasions. The B vitamins make you wake up feeling energized and wonderful. Just make sure you drink enough water, because the dehydration can still be very real. Although, after a nalgene full of water I feel perfectly normal - even on little sleep! I can literally say nothing negative about this product. I have shared it with all of my friends at some point or another and even the lucky random stranger at the bar when I'm feeling generous haha.
The craziest thing about this vitamin combination is that it really helps with my mood! I find that I have much fewer feelings of post-drunk anxiety - such as "Oh god, what did i do last night?!" Seriously, after I manage to peel myself out of bed, I typically wake up feeling excited both about the awesome night I previously had and about being able to operate as a functionally employed adult! DRINKWEL IS A GAME CHANGER. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED 🙂

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