Learn About Old World Hangover Cures


10 million years ago humans are believed to consume fermented fruit. Making the most out of rotting fermented fruit that fell to the forest floor ancient humans got their first taste of alcohol and felt the after effects of consuming too much. Ever since that first morning after over indulging humans have been searching for an effective hangover cure. Ancient hangover cures seem to range from the mystical to the extreme and even plain old gross. We have compiled a list of some of the ancient old world hang over cures that we found interesting.

Ancient Rome Hangover Relief:

A great night of fun in Roman times would be centered around a great meal. After dinner the rest of the party would include music, dancing girls, acrobats, and conjurors as entertainment. What would make a party like that even better would be to indulge in some adult beverages.

Romans never drank wine straing as they believed that was barbaric behavior. So to be more civilized the Romans would drink their wine with spices and warm water. Two of their favorite drinks were:

So what did the Romans do the day after a rager?

Fried canary was a favorite hangover remedy of Ancient Rome

Fried Canary
1 canary
1 pint cooking oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Raw owl’s eggs was another hangover relief favorite of the Romans.
Owl eggs (or eggs in general) contain the amino acid cystine, which is an essential raw material that your liver uses to process the byproducts of alcohol metabolization.

Ancient Egyptian Hangover Relief

Alcoholic drinks were an important part of a meal in Ancient Egypt. The wealthy drank wine while the under classes drank beer. 

The Ancient Egyptians made beer with half baked loaves of barley, which they crumbled into barley and water. They sealed their barley and water mixture and let it settle. After enough time the mixture was strained and then consumed.

To make wine they gathered grapes and squeezed the juice out by stampung on them in a trough big enough to hold at least six men. This mixture was then sealed in a clay pot and left to age.

After a raging party in Ancient Egypt the hangover victim would have strung together leaves from a shrub called Alexandrian chamaedaphne (Ruscus racemosus L.), to wear around their neck. These leaves were thought to ward off headaches which would made them a great hangover helper.

Middle Ages Hangover Cure

So what ere the adult beverages at Middle Ages throw downs?

The drink of choice for the nobility was wine. Several other choices were used for medicinal purposes like mead and spiced wines. The poor drank beer and ales

How did they deal with a hangover in the Middle Ages?

Raw eel was popular during and after the Middle Ages. Their belief was that the sea-creature would come alive and drink up any remaining alcohol. Eel is a good source of protein, calcium, and various vitamins (even better than eggs) so it could have helped those Middle Ages party goers recover from a crazy night.

Ancient Greek Hangover Remedy

The Ancient Greeks and the Romans shared many of the same beveage loves and hangover cure beliefs. For the bad hangover the Greeks use cabbage in an effort to both eliminate and recover from a bad hangover. The vegetable would be boiled in a pot of water and eaten before or after consuming wine. Some belived that the broth that it created was helpful in hangover recovery.

Cabbage contains chemicals that help neutralize alcohol’s effects on the liver during the metabolizing process. For this reason the Greeks method was sound and could help reduce the effects from a long night of drinking wine.

19th Century England Hangover Cures

In 19th century England the beer and wine were still flowing at parties while the hangover remedies tirned a little strange. Pouring vinegar down the hungover person's throat and then rubbing it on their temples becaem all the rage to get rid of the upset stomache and headache from a night of intoxication. If that didn’t work, striping them naked and throwing a bucket of cold water on them should do the trick.

New home remedies and potions were also invented like Peppermint Water (iron sulphate, magnesia, peppermint water and nutmeg), Prairie Oysters (raw egg yolk, Worcester sauce, tabasco sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper), and soot (warm mild mixed with a tablespoon of fireplace ashes). The soot remedy may have been the forst antacid.

Wild West Hangover Helper

While not really too old world the strangness of this hangover remedy couldn't be ignored. It was sai that in the wild west cowboys feeling the effects of a drunk night would boil rabbit turds to eliminate their hangovers. It would most certainly empty their stomache im sure.



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